What kind of content can I find on Blip?
Blip offers a large variety of audio. Personal stories, actuality, music, poetry and more.
So Blip offers music as well?
We ❤️ music and we don't prohibit music on our platform. It is however important that if you want to upload music, you should own the publication rights. So posting your own music is perfectly fine, but for music created by others you will need permission. We reserve the right to remove any unauthorized content without warning.
Blip is a short audio platform. How short is short?lang is kort?
We think that the sweet spot of a Blip lies between one and three minutes. Our platform allows a bit more, but we don't want them to be too long. After extensive testing we've determined a maximum of 200 seconds (just over three minutes).
That's kind of short – so do I have to keep on playing Blips manually?
No, the idea of our platform is that you follow accounts. The system then creates a syndicate feed for you, based on a (for now quite simple) algorithm. In essence, you will have your own personal radio station.
How can I listen to Blips?
For now, you can enjoy your Blips via our mobile apps (for iPhone and Android) or online through shared links on social media. In the future, we plan on making Blip accessible via CarPlay and Google Auto, at home through Chromecast and very soon also smart speakers and personal assistents. Also, we're working on a brain implant for your pet, so that you can listen to your favorite Blips via your cat or dog. Or your meerkat, but we'd have to report you to the animal police, because they're illegal as pets.
How can I make Blips?
You can easily record Blips through the Blip app. Just record your voice, and we apply an audio design such as a jingle and processing.
You can also create a Blip using your own audio editor or DAW. For now, if you wish to do this, please
This sounds all very cool, but I suppose you want to make money as well. Will I get all kinds of annoying commercials in my feed?
No. But yes, we do want to make some money. We're in the process of setting up a business model where we can keep the service running, but without annoying you with commercials about how good Dentix tooth paste is for your teeth, how it helps against both dental plaque and caries, and keeps your teeth healthy and strong. Dentix is recommended by dentists. Buy now.
In addition, we're hoping to create a way in which you as content creators can partake in the success of Blip.
Who or what is behind Blip?
Blip is the brain child of Joost Lubach and Toon Toetenel. Joost already had a (Dutch language) short audio site (leukverhaalkort.nl) and Toon already had the idea of doing something with short audio for a while now. They got together and quite quickly came up with this idea.
Does Blip allow me to listen to podcasts?
Blips are in fact a kind of short podcast, and podcasts shorter than 200 seconds can be published through Blip. Longer podcasts are not suitable for Blip unfortunately, but we welcome podcasters to publish shortened versions or promo's for their episodes.
Do you offer an RSS feed?
No. Blip feeds are rather dynamic, which doesn't really suit the static nature of RSS. In time, we'd like to offer some kind of feed for integration with other systems, but let's just take it easy for now.
Can I import an RSS feed?
Yes, if the items are shorter than 200 seconds. If you have a good suggestion, please contact our content team (content@blip.audio).
I'm a radio DJ. Am I allowed to broadcast Blips on the radio?
In some cases, yes. Please contact our legal team (legal@blip.audio) if you plan on doing this.
How can I contact you?
We have a feedback page, but feel free to email us directly:
How do I create a plural in Turkish?
You suffix -ler or -lar to the word, dependent on the vowel in the last syllable. Is this a, ı, o or u, then suffix -lar, e.g. kurbağa (frog) -> kurbağalar (frogs). Is it e, i, ö or ü, then suffix -ler, e.g. göz (eye) -> gözler (eyes).